Controlled Disbursement

Bank SNB’s controlled disbursement service can help your company maximize available cash for investment or debt payments. With controlled disbursement, you see a cumulative total and listing of your presented checks prior to items posting to your checking account. With cash forecasting electronically delivered to you by noon, you will know what funds are available for your business needs.

A controlled disbursement account lets you take more control of your finances by enabling better cash flow forecasting and maximizing investment opportunities. You’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to your company’s cash balances and working capital, managing short-term borrowing or other daily cash requirements from your account. Account balances, clearing totals, stop payments and account transfers are easily accessible through DirectBanker®. Controlled disbursement offers improved fraud detection, reduces excess borrowing and minimizes your risk of overdraft situations.

How it works:

  • Early each day, the Federal Reserve electronically notifies Bank SNB of checks presented for your controlled disbursement account.
  • We sort by account and electronically report the daily total clearing to you by noon.
  • You fund your account from a concentration account, line of credit or via wire transfer.

We know every company’s needs are different. Let Bank SNB’s experienced and knowledgeable staff help you determine the optimal banking solutions for your company’s unique needs.

Talk with a Bank SNB treasury management representative in your area to determine if controlled disbursement is right for you.

Bruce Webber
Senior Vice President, Treasury Management Sales Rep
Stillwater Area
Jennifer Hamer
Vice President, Treasury Management Sales Rep
Oklahoma City, Edmond and Chickasha Areas
Patty Potteiger
Vice President, Treasury Management Sales Rep
Tulsa Area
Kelly Strander
Vice President, Treasury Management Sales Rep
Dallas Area
Sandy Cilone
Senior Vice President, Treasury Management Sales Rep
Austin and San Antonio Areas
Nicole Schaar
Vice President, Treasury Management Sales Rep
Wichita and Hutchinson Areas