Project Spotlight: Schuessler Orthodontics, Stillwater, OK

Schuessler Orthodontics Building

Over a decade ago, Stillwater Market President, Kevin Fowler assisted the Schuessler family in purchasing an orthodontics practice, which is now well known in the community as Schuessler Orthodontics. 

Since then, Schuessler Orthodontics has become the top practice in Stillwater with a vibrant and educated staff. As clientele grew, so did their need for a larger space. Schuessler decided to construct a new building and reached out to Kevin for financing. Bank SNB offered a construction loan to build the 8,500 square-foot practice right next to the old building. When construction was completed in March 2017, the old building was demolished to serve as a parking lot for the new space. Schuessler currently occupies 60 percent of the space, reserving the remaining space for a dental practice.
Located on Highway 51, Schuessler Orthodontics’ new facility is an impressive structure for people driving into Stillwater. With its upscale and contemporary architecture, the practice moved the needle for medical facility design in the community, and Bank SNB is proud to be a part of Schuessler Orthodontics’ impact.