James Renwick Alliance to Visit Bank SNB in Tulsa Friday, Sept. 25

Bank SNB Etched Window

The nonprofit organization that supports the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum will visit Tulsa Sept. 24-29 to tour significant local craft art.

This organization, called the James Renwick Alliance, is a 501(c)3 that fosters scholarship, education and public appreciation of America’s craft art, including works showcased at the Smithsonian. The Alliance visited the studio of Kathy Barnard, a Kansas City-based glass artist, roughly three years ago and was fascinated by the sketch of her three-story glass feature that now resides in Tulsa. It was the process and detail of this massive work – and a desire to see it in person – that launched the group’s plans to tour craft art in the area. Barnard’s Tulsa-based work can be found on the exterior windows of the Bank SNB offices at the corner of 15th and Utica.

“I spent two and a half years making the cartoon, which is a true-to-size pattern of the design, and sandblasting the imagery into the glass,” Barnard said. “I’ve not been back to visit the piece since the panels were installed in 2000. I’m thrilled to be reunited with it and discuss the project in more detail with the kind folks at the James Renwick Alliance.”

Bank SNB’s north-facing windows span 40 feet by 35 feet and are made up of 24 glass panels, each weighing roughly 700 pounds. The glass art project required six months of sketching due to the intricate wildlife, animals and trees founds in the design.

The glass art on Bank SNB’s windows will be the first of many stops on the Alliance’s Tulsa tour. The group will also visit the University of Tulsa’s ceramics studio, Gilcrease Museum, the Brady Arts District and Philbrook Museum of Art. They will see an installation in progress at 108|Contemporary and visit the studios of Ron Fleming, a Tulsa resident renowned as a modern master of wood turning, and Jean Ann Fausser, whose collection includes several larger pieces by significant fiber artists.

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