Get More Convenience and Expedite Credit with a Bank SNB Smart Safe

Smart Safe

Can’t wait for a weekly courier to collect your cash? Don’t have a Bank SNB banking center nearby? If your business handles a high volume of cash transactions, Bank SNB’s new Smart Safe can provide additional convenience and expedited credit to your account. Learn More.

A Bank SNB Smart Safe fits comfortably under your business counter. Equipped with a bill reader and validator on the front, the safe accepts and confirms customer currency, as well as checks for counterfeit bills. At the close of each business day, Bank SNB electronically reviews the cash entered in the safe and provides next-day credit to your account. No more waiting for a courier to pick up the cash each week to receive your credit!

Smart Safe is ideal for businesses that handle a high volume of cash transactions, particularly those that have multiple locations. Because safe deposits are transmitted electronically, there is no need to have a Bank SNB banking center nearby; Smart Safe is available to all your locations – even outside of Bank SNB’s markets.

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*At this time, Smart Safe is not available in Colorado.