Two Factor Authentication

Stronger online security with PassMark™

To protect the privacy and security of your personal information, we improved the way you login to online banking.

Along with your login ID and password, you'll use an image, called a Passmark™ and a phrase. When you see your Passmark™ and phrase, you'll know you are on Bank SNB's web site, not a fraudulent look-alike site. We recognize you and you recognize us -- making your online banking experience more secure.  Find out more, read PassMark FAQs.

  1. Enter your online banking Login ID

  2. PassMark image and phrase

    If we recognize your computer, we will display your chosen PassMark image and phrase .

  3. Challenge Question

    If we don't recognize your computer, we will ask you one of your challenge questions. After you answer your PassMark question correctly, your PassMark and phrase will display.

  4. Password

    Once you recognize your PassMark and phrase , you know you are at the valid Bank SNB site. You can safely enter your normal online banking password and continue to Online.