Spousal IRA

Achieve your dreams of retirement funds in your name

Spousal IRA may be a perfect way for couples to build retirement assets when there is only one source of income. This IRA works like a Traditional IRA, in the fact that contributions may be made up to $5,000* for the year. It is an excellent way for the stay-at-home parent to build retirement assets in their own name.


  • Married couple (united legally by tax year-end)
  • One person not employed with no earned income
  • Married couples filing a joint tax return
  • Married couples with one spouse earning a taxable income for the year
  • Spouse age must be under 70 1/2

*Annual Contributions:

  • $4,000 for persons age 50 and below
  • $5,000 for persons under 50 1/2 and older

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