Debit Card Rewards Program

Earn reward points for making purchases with your Bank SNB VISA CheckCard!

With the UChoose Rewards program, you'll earn points for every signature-based transaction on your card. Redeem the points you earn at where you'll find hundreds of retailers offering millions of redemption choices!

How does it work?

  • Use your Bank SNB VISA CheckCard for purchases to accumulate points.
    • Earn one point for every $2 spent each time you use your card and sign for your purchases.
    • Earn additional points by shopping at participating retailers in-store, or online at the UChoose website.
  • Redeem points for millions of items.


All Bank SNB VISA CheckCard holders can participate in UChoose:

  • Personal Bank SNB VISA CheckCard holders who pay the $1.25 monthly convenience fee can enroll in UChoose and participate for no additional charge.
  • If you hold a Bank SNB Visa CheckCard that does not have a monthly fee of $1.25 you will not be eligible for the UChoose program unless you call a Bank SNB Financial Services Advisor to switch your CheckCard to the monthly fee CheckCard that features UChoose Rewards.

How to Register and Start Earning Points

  1. Visit the UChoose website..
  2. Complete the online rewards registration form.

Redemption of Points

  1. Login to the UChoose website..
  2. After logging in click Redeem Points.
For more details about UChoose, simply visit with a Bank SNB Financial Services Advisor in any Bank SNB location or call the Bank SNB Sales & Support Center at: 888.762.4762. You can also visit our FAQ section.

UChoose Rewards Privacy Policy

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