Overdraft Allowance

Overdraft Allowance is an overdraft protection service that gives you peace of mind if you accidentally overdraw your account. Overdraft Allowance gives you the option to write that emergency check or make that withdrawal even if you fear it might overdraw your account. Bank SNB will pay, in some cases up to $700.

Bank SNB personal customers have Overdraft Allowance tied to their checking accounts.


  • Gives you the security of having an overdrawn check covered
  • Saves you the embarrassment of having a check returned
  • Saves you the merchant returned check fee
  • Prevents merchants from banning your check writing privileges due to returned checks

Getting Started:

  • Service is activated 30 days after account opening
  • Your account number and features remain the same
  • The service is automatic if criteria/terms & conditions* are met

Overdraft Allowance comes with the following personal checking accounts: eChecking, Basic Checking, BaZing Checking, Premier Checking and Relationship Checking ($700 limit).

Overdraft Allowance is Activated when you:

  • Write a check
  • Make a POS (point of sale) transaction or purchase (for customer's who have opted in**)
  • Use a PIN (personal identification number) to make a transaction or purchase
  • Withdraw money from an ATM

*Bank SNB's Overdraft Allowance Terms & Conditions
Under the Bank SNB Overdraft Allowance program, and subject to the limitations in this section, Bank SNB may approve and pay overdrafts up to an outstanding limit of $700 for all personal checking account types.  You agree that approving overdrafts is a discretionary courtesy, and not a right or an ongoing obligation. Bank SNB extends this courtesy provided your account has been open for more than 30 days and is in good standing, which includes at least making regular deposits consistent with your past practices, the account having a positive available balance at least one day during a statement cycle, your not being in default on any loan or obligation to Bank SNB, and the account not being subject to any legal or administrative order or levy.
ALL applicable insufficient fund/overdraft fees will be charged and included in the $700 limit for all other personal checking accounts. Fees may be triggered by overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, POS or other electronic means. The total of the courtesy overdraft (negative) balance, including any and all bank fees and charges, is due and payable on demand.
Credit reporting agencies may be notified if you do not repay balances due. Bank SNB may, at its discretion and at any time, discontinue the Overdraft Allowance program, and declare all balances due and payable.
Please refer to a current Bank SNB Schedule of Fees & Charges for specific fees related to the Overdraft Allowance program and insufficient funds.

Bank SNB's Overdraft Allowance
An overdraft fee of $34.00 is charged on each item paid. Plus a daily fee of $3.25 is charged for each day an account is in overdraft status (two free days per statement cycle; fee not applicable in Texas). Fees may be triggered by overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, POS or other electronic means if you choose to "Opt in**" with an authorization for Bank SNB to pay overdrafts on ATM and everyday debit card transactions. Account must be brought to a positive balance once every thirty days or demand will be made for payment of the negative balance including any overdrafts. Whether your overdrafts will be paid is discretionary and Bank SNB reserves the right not to pay. For example, Bank SNB typically does not pay overdrafts if your account or any loan with us is not in good standing, or you are not making regular deposits, or your account is subject to any legal or administrative order or levy.

**Opting in for ATM and everyday CheckCard transactions means Bank SNB may authorize those transactions. If you do choose to have such transactions authorized for overdraft payment, you may REVOKE the agreement at any time. Call 1.888.762.4762 during normal business hours for additional information. Joint owners of the account may revoke the agreement.