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The Allpoint network gives you access to 43,000 fee free ATMs nationwide

Bank SNB is part of the Allpoint ATM network, providing Bank SNB customers with access to more than 43,000 ATMs nationwide and 55,000 world-wide, fee-free! There are over 3,300 Allpoint ATMs in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas (Southwest Bancorp's Primary Region) located inside certain grocery and convenience stores, gas stations and retail outlets.

Finding an Allpoint ATM near you is easy:

  • Simply click on the Allpoint logo above, or 
  • Call the Bank SNB Sales & Service center at 1.888.762.4762 to have a service representative find one for you

Important information about withdrawing funds from Allpoint ATMs:

There are no fees for Bank SNB customers when using Allpoint ATMs. Due to the technical limitations of certain types of Allpoint ATMs, a "Fee Notice" screen may appear indicating a surcharge. Despite the appearance of a "Fee Notice", you will not be charged - simply continue the transaction by answering “Yes” to this message. Your receipt will verify that you were not assessed a fee.

You cannot make deposits at Allpoint ATMs. To make a deposit, please visit a Bank SNB branch or use a Bank SNB ATM.

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