Whether you are considering buying an existing practice, buying-in to an existing group, starting a practice from scratch or an outside medical investment, it is important that you have a bank with an intrinsic knowledge of the inner workings of healthcare centers. 

Bank SNB understands the "blue sky" component in medical financing.  Our focus is on the existing and proposed cash flow of the practice, rather than only the collateral values of the assets.   These transactions are unique to your profession and do not fit cleanly into small business lending units. 

Bank SNB has expertise in financing all of the following:  

  • Purchasing the patient records, equipment and receivables of an existing practice
  • Turn-key financing for healthcare start-ups...including leasehold improvements, equipment purchases, working capital (including physician income during ramp up), furniture, fixtures, and supplies
  • Outside medical investments, such as Surgery Centers, Imaging Centers, Specialty Hospitals, etc.
  • Purchasing units or shares in an existing medical group  

Let Bank SNB be your partner while undergoing these projects.  Be assured, because this is our niche, we have the specialized knowledge to aid in your success.

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