Comprehensive Medical Remittance and Payment Management Services

Remittance Processing

  • Comprehensive EOB solution - posting of all EOBs is automated, regardless of payer or format.
  • Fully customized file - with your claim data as a resource, your file is fully customized using business rules and specifications learned during your implemenation.
  • Reduces expenses - drastically reduces the need for costly data entry, allowing you to reallocate staff into revenue recovering roles such as follow up and denial management.

 Document Management

  • Quick and Easy access – robust document management system allows you to view all EOBs, including payer generated ERAs. Comprehensive search capability allows you to query a variety of fields on multiple levels, including payer, payment, and patient.
  • No software to install – web-based software means there is nothing to download or install.

Denial Management & Reporting

  • Workflow – automatically route denials to user’s queue based on specified criteria.
  • Efficiently handle denials – electronic rules-based system streamlines the process by eliminating the need to pass paper between team members.
  • Reduce denial percentage – prevent future denials by identifying their root cause.
  • View critical denial information – fully customizable reporting engine allows you to have immediate access to key information.  Graphical trending reports highlight opportunities to improve the bottom line.
  • Complete reports – unlike other denial management tools, conversion of all paper EOBs allows you to report on 100% of your business.
  • Administrative reports – show workflow activity per user, claim volumes, as well as the status of each account as it moves through your system.

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