All That you would expect from your financial services provider

Bank SNB continues to add services based on our business customer's needs. Our goal is to be a complete financial services provider for your organization.

Corporate Credit Card
Designed to provide our partners with an efficient, effective tool to control travel and entertainment expenses. Bank SNB Visa Corporate cards are offered through no-annual-fee programs that provide cardholders with worldwide acceptance, convenience and electronic reporting capabilities.

Wire Transfers
Bank SNB gives you immediate access to transfer funds anywhere in the world.

Courier Services
An Excellent option for your business.  Great staffing provides you the peace of mind you need when dealing with your cash.

Safe Deposit Boxes
Offered for the convenience of our business customers. Keep your important documents, records, CD-Rom imaged checks, files and other vital business information in a secure, fire-proof environment. The use of a bank key and the business's key makes access secure (limited availability).

ExpressLine 24

An automated account information hotline that gives you access to your business's account information 24-7-365. A toll-free number gives you freedom to check your funds when you're traveling...1.800.851.4762. It's a free service and available for your personal accounts too!

Night Deposit Boxes
Located at all of our full-service locations just in case we are closed when your deposit is ready. Well-lit and easy to access, the night deposit is safe for your employees. Night deposit boxes are processed the following business morning.

Additional Services
Free notary services for Bank SNB customers. Money orders and cashier's checks are available as well.

Call 1.888.762.4762 today to see how these services will enhance your business banking plan.