Bank SNB's Positive Pay Service is a module of Bank SNB DirectBanker™. This service is the process through which a company and Bank SNB work together to detect check fraud by identifying items presented for payment that a company did not issue.


  • Sophisticated defense against check frauds and losses
  • Provides multiple layers of security
  • Errors are detected prior to month-end, which will improve your account reconciliation process

How it Works

  • Your company sends Bank SNB a check issue file each time you distribute checks
  • A simple comma-delimited file or a QIF file format from your accounting software is used
  • Bank SNB compares the file of checks presented to the check issue file
  • If the checks match the data on your issue file, they are paid
  • Exceptions are identified and communicated to you via Bank SNB DirectBanker at 8:00 am each business day
  • Items are paid unless instructed to "return"

Bank SNB's Positive Pay is our solution to provide you with a highly effective defense against check fraud.

For more information regarding Bank SNB's Positive Pay Service, please contact a Bank SNB Treasury Management Representative in your area or Bank SNB's Commercial Client Services Department at 1.888.762.4762.

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