Eliminate idle balances and possible overdrafts

Bank SNB's Controlled Disbursement Service allows you to receive a cumulative total and listing of your presented checks prior to items being posted to your commercial checking account.

Control Your Payables
Cash forecasting is delivered to you by noon via fax or e-mail. You will know what funds are available allowing you to avoid overdrafts, and your disbursement account is automatically funded.

Maximize Your Balances
Receipt of the cash forecasting by noon lets you know what funds are available for overnight investing and minimizes short-term borrowing.

Easy Online Access
With Bank SNB DirectBanker™ you can access your account balances, clearing totals, stop payments, transfer funds and more.

For more information on SNB's Controlled Disbursement Services, please contact an Bank SNB Treasury Management Representative in your area or call SNB's Commercial Client Services at 1.888.762.4762.

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