Financial power tools for your business

Money management and cash position are critical to your company's success. With Bank SNB DirectBanker™, we package and deliver the tools that are right for your business -- whether you are conducting business locally or globally.

Basic Business Online Banking

With Basic Business Online Banking you'll be able to:

  • View balances, transactions and past statements 
  • Reconcile accounts
  • Transfer funds and stop payments 
  • Research and download account history 
  • Receive automatic e-mails on low or high balances
  • View cleared checks

Customize with Additional Services

By allowing you to choose the services you need -- you determine the scope and scalability of your online banking tools.

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Exchange funds electronically and eliminate outsourcing of payroll by using Direct Deposit from your computer!

ACH Payments and Receipts
Allows your business to initiate ACH payments to or from your vendors/customers electronically.

Wire Transfers
Allows Bank SNB customers to place both domestic and international wire transfers securely over the Internet.

Send a File
You can send an ACH or text file to the bank via secure SSL technology.

EFT Tax Payments
EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment Service) allows users to send tax payments to federal and certain state taxing authorities.

Check Re-Presentment
Allows you to re-present a customer's returned check for payment immediately, using the ACH system. 
Positive Pay
Provides your company with an early warning fraud detection system.  You send us your issued check file, we only pay those that match. 

Pay Bills
Pay bills from your computer -- money is not taken from your account until the due date.  Just $5.95 per month for up to 10 payments, $0.50 each payment thereafter.

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Many of the services listed above will include receipt of a confirmation number for high security and easy tracking audit trail. 

  • Tracking and confirmation
  • Different access levels
  • Minimum system requirements
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