Concentrate your funds into one account

A Zero Balance Account is a subsidiary account that is maintained at a specified balance (usually zero) and is electronically linked to a master account.

With a Zero Balance Account you can:

  • Maximize control of your balances
  • Include segregation of your cash flow
  • Make automatic transfers from a master account
  • Link an unlimited number of subsidiary accounts to a zero balance master account
Utilizing Bank SNB DirectBanker™ online banking to manage a Zero Balance Account is the best way to assure maximization of funds. A quick look at the history screen for your main account will give you the collected balance for the day.


A Zero Balance Account may often be referred to as a ZBA or TBA (target balance account).

For more information on Zero Balance Accounts, please contact an Bank SNB Treasury Management Representative in your area or call SNB's Business Client Services at 1.888.762.4762.

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