Presenting, Bank SNB Digital Lockbox, an online document lockbox service. This innovative service allows you to store documents and files online. Eliminate the need to e-mail, fax, snail-mail, courier or store paper documents with our document imaging service.

The technology brings your files to the fingertips of all employees without the expense of overnight mail, filing cabinets or other critical document handling charges.

Critical Documents Online Include:
    • View documents online 24 hours a day
    • Customized Searches
    • Save time and phone calls 
    • Printed copies on demand 
    • Files retrieved easily¬≠ 
    • Set employee's access rights 
    • View or email documents
    • Browser-based application, no additional equipment
    • Multiple locations accessibility

    High-level Security

    • Password protected
    • 128-bit encryption
    • Data back-ups 
    • Secure within your company's infrastructure

    Disaster Recovery Protection

    • Off-site document storage through the Internet
    • Get your business up and running quickly after unexpected disasters

    Member FDIC